An extraordinary visit to the Museum of Illusions

As a part of Croatian language course, asylum seekers who are attending the course that is organized by RCT, visited the Museum of Illusions (Muzej iluzija) in Zagreb in August and September. The Museum had shown great hospitality by donating more than twenty tickets for RCT beneficiaries, while the visitation proved to be serving both purposes of language learning and integration. The group was accompanied by RCT employees and translators for Arabic and Farsi language.
The group was warmly welcomed by the employees of the Museum, who then gave the group information about work and functioning of the Museum and offered their assistance at any time.

From the youngest to the older ones, our users expressed great pleasure by what the Museum had offered. Along with other excellent exhibits, they showed particular interest for the Mirror room and Amer room. Many of them tried their luck and wit in solving the Muesums’ brain-teaser puzzles. The atmosphere went back and forth from laughter to confusion and surprise, while the strongest reactions were caused by Anti-gravity room with its’ unusual, perplexing, effect.

The exhibition is appropriate for all audiences, and to make sure that the youngest ones would have access to all the exhibits, the Museum provided a type of chairs which were also used by the youngest member of our group. She showed herself to be the most active and the most curious member of the group.
After finishing the exhibition tour, the group held a brief discussion and shared their impressions by using the knowledge of the language they have gained so far, but also exchanged photographs.

Besides the Museum of Illusions that our group has visited, that is situated in Zagreb, there are other Museums of this kind in Zadar, Ljubljana and Vienna. After the tour the visitors can buy interesting brain-teasing and other types of souvenirs, which was a chance that some of the visitors form our group took.
As the Museum of Illusions mentioned in its’ description info, the Museum really is a fun, educative, visual and sensory experience. Thus, Rehabilitation Center is taking this opportunity to thank the Museum for the donated tickets and a wonderful experience provided to our users, while also recommends everyone who might have the chance to visit the Museum and enjoy this extraterrestrial experience.

The Croatian language course and integration activities are carried out as a part of the “Rehabilitation, empowerment and integration of asylum seeking torture survivors” project, financed by European Commission and co-financed by Office for Cooperation with NGOs of the Government of Republic of Croatia and City of Zagreb.