Education and exchange week in INTEND project in Zagreb

INTED – Integration through Education and Information is an international, Erasmus + project that is being implemented with our project partners from four EU member-states –Landratsamt Enzkreis from Germany, Studieförbundet Bilda Sydöst from Sweden, UNIONE DEI COMUNI VAL’ENZA from Italy, and Omega – Transcultural Centre for mental and physical health from Austria.

As a part of the project, we held educational training events between 13th and 17th November on several locations in Zagreb and facilities of Jezero hotel in National park Plitvice lakes.

The first lecture was held on Monday, 13th November, named “Psychological Aspects of Therapy with Survivors of War Rape and Other Traumas”. The lecturer was Marijana Senjak, psychologist, psychotherapist, and a co-founder of an NGO Medica Zenica. Medica Zenica is an organization that has, since it was founded in 1993, continuously provided psycho-social and medical support to women and children who were survivors of war and post-war violence.

On Tuesday, 14th November, workshops were carried out by RCT psychologist, Dragana Knezić. Dragana presented application of Solution Focused therapy in trauma treatment, as well as group Solution Focused intervention that RCT developed with clinical psychologist and director of Northwest Brief Therapy Training Centre from the USA, Dr Stephen Langer, in two workshops she held – “Doing something different: Solution focused approach to trauma”, and “If something works, do more of it!: Short-term SF group intervention for refugee torture survivors”. On the same day Dr Vedran Bilić held a lecture on “Trauma, consequences and approaches”. Dr Bilić is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, and RCT’s external associate.

On Wednesday, 15th November, RCT psychologist’s and psychotherapist Zdenka Pantić held an education, “Recognizing and overcoming trauma”. It was held following a visit to Porin Reception Centre for asylum seekers, where head of the Centre, Anita Dakić, introduced us to its functioning, while Red Cross employees presented the activities that are provided inside the Centre.

A short visit to Plitvice lakes was scheduled on Thursday, 16th of November. After the walk, RCT psychologist Sandra Šipka held a workshop with Zdenka Pantić, “Connecting with your feelings trough clay-modeling — an example of art therapy in working with persons with traumatic experiences”.

The last day of the educational event, 17th November, a lesson and discussion on “Social welfare practices within integration of persons under international protection in Zagreb” was held by Iva Prpić, social worker from City of Zagreb Office for social protection and persons with disability. During the lesson the role of Municipality of Zagreb regarding refugee and asylum seekers protection was presented.

Hereby we express our gratitude to all the participants and lecturers on the excellent workshops and educations they provided, as well as to Zagreb City Libraries, European House and City of Zagreb for providing locations where training events were held.