ActiveUNA works: volunteer landscaping action and youth education

At the beginning of June, an environmental volunteering action was organized (Tuesday, 11.06.2019.). The action was carried out in co-operation with the high school Ivan Trnski Hrvatska Kostajnica in Hrvatska Kostajnica. 12 of our volunteers, along with other local stakeholders (employees and students of the high school, users of the Community Center Kostajnica and employees of the Local Action Group UNA), participated in the volunteer action. In addition to landscaping, two Japanese willow seedlings were planted (Salix integra “Flamingo”). This tree is especially interesting because of its attractive leaves, which in the spring takes on pink, white and green shades, and grows up to 2 meters in height. The third-grade forestry technician students pointed out the current environmental problems and the importance of recognizing and acting on them. Caring for the environment continued through the summer months and planted seedlings successfully grow.

Young people also showed their activity through a great response to a one-day educational interactive workshop. The workshop was held on Friday, 06.09.2019 at the Central Hotel in Kostajnica in cooperation with the project partner Local Action Group UNA. The topic of the workshop was the entrepreneurial skills and resources of the local environment and establishing cooperation with the Local Action Group UNA. The guest of the workshop was OPG carrier Nikola Solomun who provided valuable information from his personal experience. To make entrepreneurial ideas a reality, LAG Una presented recommendations for generating funds when implementing ideas.
Activities are held as a part of the project “ActiveUna! Youth Activities for better quality of life in Pounje” which we are carrying out with financial support of the Ministry for Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy and in partnership with LAG Una and City of Hrvatska Kostajnica.