Fieldwork stories from the project „Home Sweet Home”

Project “Home Sweet Home: Employment of Women in Local Community in Community Based Social Services” is a part of a program for Employment of Women “Zaželi” and is funded by the European Social Fund. As a part of this project women from the local community are employed as caretakers of old and infirm people in the area of town Dvor. We are reporting one of many beautiful stories which is a result of this project:

Mr. Ljuban lives alone and has two daughters that he speaks about with pride, one in Zagreb and the other one in Germany. He cared about them until they moved out into the world and founded their own families. After a struggle with a disease in February of 2019, he had to undergo a surgery and had his left leg amputated below the knee. A man that spent his life working and helping others, known for his cheerful nature and for cooking an excellent stew, suddenly found himself bound to a wheelchair. When discharged from hospital, his only wish was to return home, the only thing that can make his hard days of adaptation and recovery happier, which was accomplished by including him in this project.

He heard about our program and gave us a call. At first it was impossible to include him in the program because we reached a maximum number of beneficiaries, but after a week, with some changes and great efforts from our care-takers, we managed to include him.
His gratitude is great, the help he is getting from our women is huge, important and key for the normalization of his life in his own home. About the benefits of this project he says: “I’m complete now… I have the best caretakers”.

Besides cleaning and cooking (Tuesday and every other Thursday), our employees help him with other important things such as collaboration with his general practitioner and physical therapist as well as other house care tasks. Without that kind of help, living on his own would be very difficult, and maybe even impossible. With joint effort and unselfish engagement of our wonderful women employees, Mr. Ljuban is currently living in a dignified manner, and is successfully recovering and adjusting to the challenges of life in a wheelchair.