Mission, vision, goals


Society free of violating human rights, discrimination and torture, based on values of social justice, solidarity and the rule of law, which has responsibilities towards its neediest members.


Improving psychological health, quality of life and social inclusion of victims of trauma, torture and human rights violations and those who are socially marginalized or at risk of marginalization.

Values and principles of working

Democratic values, accountability and the rule of law

We believe that human rights are universal and indivisible. We advocate for tolerance, respect for diversity and equal opportunities for all. We are fighting against impunity.

Social justice and solidarity

We are committed to preventing extreme inequalities among people. Because of these inequalities certain social groups and individuals are placed at a disadvantaged position in terms of meeting basic needs, a dignified existence and realizing their potential.

Compassion and commitment

RCT exists to serve its customers and their specific needs. We respect the uniqueness of each human being and we adapt our procedures and approach to these special features.

Ethics and professionalism

We are committed to the internationally recognized principles of ethics in helping profession, particularly in our role of facilitators in working with traumatized and vulnerable customers. We strive to continually improve our knowledge, skills and competencies so that we could be as competent and efficient in working for the benefit of our customers.


Psychosocial assistance and support for people in a state of chronic stress, and traumatized victims of torture that aims to rehabilitation, social integration and improving their quality of life.

Prevention and early identification of persons in need with an emphasis on the traumatized and the torture victims.

Raising awareness and introducing the general public to the issue of stress, trauma and torture.

Psycho-social support and improvement of the quality of life of vulnerable groups (children, women, the elderly, people with disabilities, minorities, displaced persons, refugees, returnees in Croatia, asylum seekers), especially in areas of Croatia with fewer opportunities.

Support and education of experts who carry out psychological crisis interventions. Conducting psychological crisis interventions and educating people who carry out these interventions.

Educating professionals and amateurs about stress and trauma with the medical, social, legal and ethical aspects of torture.

Publishing that supports achievements of goals of Center according with special regulations.

Organizing lectures, workshops, conferences and visits of domestic and foreign lecturers.

Taking measures and creating conditions for the improvement of professional and scientific work.

Establishing a connection and exchange of professional experience and knowledge in the areas of stress, trauma, rehabilitation of traumatized and tortured with national and international associations of the same orientation.

Cooperation and providing professional support and counseling and supervision for scientific and professional organizations, civil society organizations, educational, health and other institutions and individuals working in the field of the primary goals of the Association.