Student’ service learning in the local community with mentoring support

Students of the social work started working in the local community. Within this activity, they will spend 40 hours each in the activities of an inclusive community organization, participating in the work and improving the activities and program of the Community Center for adults with disabilities in Hrvatska Kostajnica.

On Monday and Tuesday, 04.11. i 05.11.2019. students visited Hrvatska Kostajnica. During their first two-day visit, they conducted a community assessment with mentoring support.

For this activity, students previously prepared themselves by collecting general and specific information about the local community. On this basis, they selected indicators for community assessment and determined the sources and method of data collection. Students designed research instruments for application in their research. Then they contacted relevant experts and organizations and arranged a meeting.
During their stay in the community, the students visited and talked with relevant experts and staff of the organizations and other local stakeholders (employees and users of the Community Center and their families, employees of the Center for Social Welfare Hrvatska Kostajnica, City Red Cross Society, secondary and elementary schools in H. Kostajnica and H. Dubica, representatives of local self-government units, Volunteer Fire Association, local associations and others local stakeholders). They also observed and interviewed members of vulnerable groups and their family or citizenship members.

In addition to the research, the students toured and explored the city and smaller towns in the surrounding area, talked with the locals and kept up-to-date with the current developments in the city and the surrounding area.

Upon completion of the activity, students discussed the results with their mentor and presented the results of the assessment to local stakeholders. Based on these results, students will prepare inclusive local community action.

The activity is implemented as part of the project „Academic service learning for organizing inclusive communities“ which is co-financed by the EU from the European Social Fund and the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs.