Conference “A Community tailored for everyone” held in Hrvatska Kostajnica

Center for Social Welfare Hrvatska Kostajnica, Rehabilitation Center for stress and trauma Zagreb and Social Work Study Center of the Faculty of Law, in Zagreb organized a meeting of experts entitled “A Community tailored for everyone” on Tuesday, 17.12.2019. at Hrvatska Kostajnica.

The meeting aimed to show how the local community cares for its most vulnerable members and to point out the resources community possesses in order to be tailored to each of its inhabitants. The event was attended by experts in the fields of social welfare, local government, healthcare, civil society and education.

Dijana Vuković, Director of the Social Welfare Center in Hrvatska Kostajnica delivered a presentation on the topic of cross-sectorial cooperation in the planning of social services and introduced evaluation of the Strategic and operational plan of social services development in the area of Center’s jurisdiction. She presented the services and projects implemented by the Social Welfare Center in local community, in partnership and cooperation with other stakeholders.

During the event, students of social work presented their work and results achieved in social actions that were previously carried out in the local community, and which were organized in order to facilitate social inclusion of young people, persons with disability, families in risk of poverty and single-parent families.

Students prepared a demonstration of forum theater as a form of critical advocacy for the rights of vulnerable groups, and the group of students organizing inclusive activities with persons with disability surprised participants with appropriate gifts (decorations made with beneficiaries of the Kostajnica Community Center).

The mentors awarded each student group with an award for demonstrated skills: interdisciplinarity, creativity and adaptability, a bold and original approach to community work, and teamwork and efficiency.

The activity is implemented as part of the project „Academic service learning for organizing inclusive communities“ which is co-financed by the EU from the European Social Fund and the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs.