Youth Training Course: developing and writing project proposals for the Erasmus+

During April and May 2019, six seminars on the development and writing project proposals for Erasmus + were held in Highschool Ivana Trnskoga in Hrvatska Kostajnica. Seminar on Youth Exchange Projects and Solidarity Projects was also organized in cooperation with the Agency for Mobility and EU Programs. 19 young people and 6 people working with youth from the Pounje area participated in the seminars.
The goal of the training was to develop functional and writing skills for project proposals for Erasmus+ programs in young people and people working with youth, gaining knowledge about project reporting opportunities and to write at least two project proposals for the Erasmus+ program. The training course was 20 school hours long including educational interactive workshops, practical exercises, case studies, assignments between modules and lectures.

The following topics were covered: 
– basic information about Erasmus+ program
– basic concepts and structure of the project proposal
– stakeholder analysis, analysis and setting problems and goals
– examples of good practice and success stories
– writing a logical framework and a project proposal
– information on how to apply and deadlines for Erasmus + programs

We are grateful to the Agency for Mobility and EU Programs who hosted us and held a workshop on Youth exchange projects and Projects of solidarity. At the workshop, our students successfully applied the acquired knowledge and skills, so we have completed the Youth Training Course in positive tone.
Youth Training Course was held as a part of project “ActiveUna! Youth Activities for better quality of life in Pounje” which we are carrying out with financial support of the Ministry for Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy and in partnership with LAG Una and City of Hrvatska Kostajnica.