Youth volunteer actions at the Kostajnica Community Center

As part of the project ” ActiveUna! Youth Activities for better quality of life in Pounje “, young people from Pounje area participated in the activities of the Kostajnica Community Center during October. They assisted in the activities with people with special needs with the professional help and guidance of the center manager.

On Tuesday, 29.10.2019. we organized a volunteer action in which we marked Bread Days and played board games. Ivan Trnski High School Hrvatska Kostajnica and its volunteers hosted us and prepared a program dedicated to Croatian literature and Vatroslav Lisinski to mark the 200th anniversary of his birth. In addition, we also watched a video of „Hedgehog’s house“ to recall this beautiful story and mark the Croatian Book Month.

We also checked the progress of our trees planted in a past volunteer landscaping action. The trees have successfully taken root and we expect a beautiful bloom in the spring.

Volunteering and youth activism is important because through this young people perceive and feel their contribution to society. They also become more sensitive to community needs, become more aware of their role, and develop a range of personal, social, organizational and professional skills. These skills will help them to cope easier and better in their daily lives and different jobs in the future.